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Travel and first dayy

Soo our flight was delayed by an hour which wasn't that bad and even good for some because one person forgot their bagpack in the plane that brought them to Munich while other flights also got delayed. We kind of ended up eating very late though (at around 1:30am) but it was yummy. I couldn't really sleep but at least still got some rest.

The first strenge thing we noticed were how tidy those fields looked. Not like a patchwork blanket but precisely measured fields.

We managed to get all of our luggage and after finding the 2 that went missing on the way from the baggage claim area to Gate 3 we were on our way to the hotel.

The drive here was interesting and you could see gigantic billboards everywhere which was kind of funny. The hotel is really nice! There is a pool (which I will try tmrw) and a gym (no thank you it's already too hot). Normally we do kind of awkward energizers at such camps but Thailand's were honestly very fun. We played Just Dance in groups and everyone had fun.

I also got to know the other people that will be in Nonthaburi (the province I'm going to live in). There are 3 Italian girls none of them will be staying for a year but it is nice to at least know someone who doesn't live thaaaaaattt far away.

Anyways I will head to bed now it's almost 12am and we have to get up at 7.

This is the view from our room and I think it is beautiful.

See you soon♡

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