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The beginning

Hii♡ so it's been a while. I has a lot going on during the day and in the evening I was just too tired and exhausted to write anything really.

Since then a lot jas happened and I'm now already with my host family. But let's go back in time to the weekend...

...Saturday: Today I found the most confusing thing; The moving staircases (escalators)!!! You have to take the left staircase and when we try to like be fast all of the exchange students always ended up in front of the right one. It was still faster than those elevators. In evening we had to perform a Chang Chang Chang Chang Chang song

^lyrics of said song

During learning I met some very friendly italians and we had a lot of fun. The teamers promised a big price to the group who would perform the song best (we were separated by regions; north, northeast, south and central).

My group and I were very nervous and all the others looked so calm so we thought they were really really good.

Well turns out they weren't. 2 of the groups still performed it but for 1 they sang it too but nobody knew what they were singing. My group won (maybe also because one of the Italian guys spiced our performance up by doing a flip at the end). We won a lot of Thai snacks.

Sunday: The last day of the camp. It kind kf passed so fast. Today we learned a lot about the Thai language (it wasn't difficult at all since I already knew the things taught). In the end there was a listening test and you could win. I had all the right answers. For each question it was about who raised their hand the fastest and if they das the right answer they received a gift.

^my beautiful fairly won prices

We were informed that we would be meeting our advisors in the evening and perform a talent show representing our country. Let's just say someone had the idea to do "Mädchen gegen Jungs" and everyone just agreed because nobody had a better idea/didn't want to do "Atemlos, Chöre, etc." so we did that and did like gymnastics at the end because Thais loveee chearleading.

But before the talent show we had to go on stage to meet our advisors and take THOUSANDS of pictures. I didn't meet my advisor today. Instead I met the teacher responsible for the English-Program at my school, her assistant and a teacher who worked at my school for 30 years but now doesn't anymore. In the morning we had received pink AFS shirts and from our advisors we got flower necklaces.

We also received traditional Thai luck bracelets. They are normally blessed by a Buddhist monk and then given to younger people as a sign of luck.

There was a little photo booth too (as mentioned Thais love pictures) so I took some with my advisors and with the new friends I had made.

As an end to the weekend we had a small party which was very fun. I really have to thank the Thai teamers because they made this camp incredible and memorable♡

Monday: Today I was very very nervous. I ate breakfast with some of the other Germans before packing the rest of my things to meet my host mother. When I arrived downstairs (15mins early) she was already there. I got a really cute small ring of flowers and off we were.

The drive to the house was very funny because she isn't good at English and I'm not good at Thai. So we kind of spoke a "Kauderwelsch" (mix). She gave me some time to unpack my baggage and we were on our way to buy some things (PS: there seemed to be some kind of people filming a series : torri if you see this text me, will tell you more)

and then get my host sister from her (my future) school. That building is gigantic. There are 3.200 students.

She is very kind and we get along well. Right now she has her exams so I will only go to school on monday and then next week until the King's birthday.

Honestly there is sooo much going on that it is hard to put into words and really write everything down. I feel a little overwhelmed but at the same time everything is so NRW and interesting.

I found out that on normal schooldays I will have to wake up at 5:15am. And I thought 6 was early. Apperently it isn't.

We went out to eat and it was very yummy. Though a bit much food.

Tuesday: Now we have reached the actual today. One of the teachers and I went to the residence office so I don't illegally live with my host family.

I also got to know my Thai name มีนา (engl. Meenaa, dt. Mienah) it comes from March and together with my host sisters name it means hold together.

She had to study for the exams tomorrow so we sat at the table in the living room and while she studied I drew.

My host family loves to go out to eat

And after we were done we went home.

Now I will be going to bet to wake up to go to my school (in school uniform) for the first time.

Wish me luck♡ byyeeee

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