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Heyyy so it's been a little and a lot happened so I'm kind of behind on writing this blog. I will first do this blog about the weekend I spent in Pattaya and then maybe tomorrow a second one about the first week at school. If I wouldn't do so this one would be too long to read comfortably.

So as mentioned I spent my last weekend in Pattaya. The drive there was pretty interesting as I got to see more sides of Thailand. And what I got from that drive is that Thailand is very different.

(My host sister during the drive. Waking up at 5am is can be very tiring)

I also still think it's weird that the electricity is in the air and not underground. It's also pretty hard to ignore as there are soo many cables.

When we arrived to Pattaya we checked into the hotel and since it was already the evening we directly went to a restaurant. In general my host family loves to eat out.

I was taken to a restaurant with a lady boy show as my host family explained it. They were very worried if my parents were really alright with it. But the show was very fun. My host sister and I laughed a lot.

On the second day we went to the beach and then to a shopping mall. The shopping malls here are well different. It's hard to put it in words but they are very big. So big that they put an Eiffeltower in there.

We ate Chinese hotpot which is really really yummy. And for time you are at the restaurant (or actually before and after entering it) they provide you with free snacks.

We also swam in the pool of the hotel. A lot of Koreans stayed in the hotel with their children. There were always flowers in the water due to them falling of the trees so I gave them to some of the little girls and they seemed very happy. I also met my first exotic animals. A snake and a thousands feetler.

(You can only see the tail of the snake as it goes to hide between plants)

Last weekend there was a Marathon in Pattaya which I thought was pretty cool but I was also impressed that people even wanted to participate when you consider the weather. Talking about the weather... it started raining and it rained until the next day. At that point I really wasn't jealous of the runners because (contradictory to my belief) that made the weather even hotter as a result of the higher humidity.

For dinner we went to a Japanese buffet and there seemed to be some Thai students around 5th-7th class. There were some girls who were very cute. They came to me to tell me that I'm pretty😂. In general I've been gearing it a lot lately which feels very weird. I guess it's because they aren't really used to western people.

We actually had planned to spend Sunday in Pattaya as well but as it was still raining we decided to return after eating breakfast.

So that was my last weekend. See you when I write about my first week at school♡

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