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First time in school

Right now are midterms in Thailand which means my classes don't start yet but next week. I still went to school on Wednesday and today (The students have a day of between exams). Honestly being at school wasn't the most exciting because everyone had exams so I was just sitting in the teachers' office but after school was really fun. More about that later...

So my dear teachers reading this: Did you know that basically in Thailand line equals WhatsApp and teachers and students have each other's line accounts and call and sometimes???? This was sooooo weird to me. They also follow each other on Instagram😂

Now I didn't spend my time in the teachers' office doing nothing. I worked on my Thai or in other words the Thai books we received from AFS. Since I learned Thai before it honestly was kind of easy but on the other hand I got to relearn some vocabulary that I had forgotten.

Thais are really cute too. Sometimes they wave to me and if I wave back they get all shy😂. Or they tap my shoulder just to say hello. Everyone is surprised by my Thai too.

After school I got to meet my host sister's classmates and now some of them apperently aren't Thai anymore because they said my pronunciation is clearer than their's and accused each other of not being Thai😂😂 it was really funny. I also got to see a beautiful karaoke performance from some of the male students. Beautiful really🙃. We also went to the sport field (picture above) and ran and played games. They are all really friendly and funny.

On thursday I got a little headache due to the weather. Some said that they don't really have privacy with their host family but mine is very kind. They always tell me that I can go upstairs if I want. Normally I didn't but I decided to take a nap so that the headache would hopefully go away (which it did). At the same time my host mom had hairstylists visiting the house and doing her hair. After my nap they also did my host sister's and mine.

Today I went to school again and studied even more Thai (until now only self study, after the exams there will be actual lessons). I met the other exchange student from Estonia and she is really nice. I also got a part of my books. I have now changed my opinion about them. I thought 2 books per subject were bad, 4 are definitely worse. I also decided to take Korean as language. Let’s see how learning Korean in Thai goes.

Random but: I do not remember if I mentioned it in my last entry Mut my Thai name มีนา is from มีนาคม which means March and is my birthmonth.

We also went to Pattaya today where we will stay for the weekend. You can read about that in my next entry. See youu bye byeee♡

PS: do excuse my typos or the auto correct of my phone since I do not have the motivation to proof read all of this

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