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So some things have happened this week and before I talk about it I want to thank you all so much because I got so many messages encouraging me and just being there for me. I responded to most (somehow those on don't arrive but I'm also extremely grateful for the messages I received over it.

I'm also very grateful to the other exchange students who are in Thailand or are/will be in other Asian countries just for being there and helping me figure everything out.

I'm also very thankful towards Mrs. Lissowski because those were exactly my feelings towards the host family and I could relate a lot to you message so thank youuuu.

Now to the actual update. So I first talked to my coordinator about the situation around 2 weeks ago and today I found out that she was apparently in contact with AFS Thailand for the last 2 weeks and they decided that it wouldn't be the best for me to stay with that host family.

For the next 3/4 weeks I will stay at Paa duks house again and my coordinator will look for a new host family in this area.

Most of my things will stay with my host family though until we found a new host family because for example my host mother doesn't know I'm changing yet because she is out of town.

My way to school will be pretty interesting for the next few weeks since Paa duk doesn't have a car. So the father of an exchange student who is in the USA will probably take me to the main road using the motorcycle and from then I have to take the train to the bus stop to finally end up at my school somehow. I will figure it out.

There are some more things that happened but I will write about that in a separate blog. For now let's see how this goes bye byeee

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